This is a two column design using warm colors to create a welcoming atmosphere.


cup Here is a paragraph with a photo to show what it looks like.

Today - It's freezing out.

cupThere's nothing like a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up on a cold, windy winter day. It makes you feel all warm and happy just like free stuff - like this template. It's free for you to download and modify as you wish - no strings attached. I would, however, appreciate it if you leave the credit for the original design to me in the footer.
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Chocolate history

The ancient Aztecs venerated the cacao tree and used its beans as a form of currency. They saw the tree as a source of strength and wealth and assigned their god Quetzalcoatl its guardian.
The Aztecs discovered that by crushing the beans into a paste and adding spices, they could make a refreshing and nourishing drink. This drink would have been very bitter, unlike our chocolate drinks today. 16th century European explorers brought the drink back from their travels, added sweeter flavourings, and soon it was popular as an expensive luxury.